Alia Bhatt reacts to people projecting Ranbir Kapoor as ‘toxic’ partner: I feel bad because he’s genuinely the opposite of all of that – Times of India

Alia Bhatt has poured her heart out about people projecting Ranbir Kapoor as ‘toxic’ partner while attributing to her past statement that the actor would ask her to wipe off her lipstick as he likes her natural lip shade.
During her appearance on Koffee With Karan 8, Alia reacted to the repercussions of her statement and told Karan Joharthat she has a very candid way of speaking, and she likes to imitate the person that she is talking about when she is talking about anything in her life.She said that she likes to give anecdotes and she also likes to make it personal. She also mentioned thatRanbir is not on social media, so whatever she conveys about him, gets more attention.

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On Ranbir becoming an explosion online because of her statement, Alia said, “I feel like a lot of things get picked out of context. Which happened with a video. I looked (at it) and my team told ki ‘Yeh kuch out-of-hand ja raha hai’. I was like ‘Okay fine let it go’. because they tell things all the time. But then I realised that there are serious articles about how he is a toxic man.”

She continued, “And I am like ‘Are we serious?’ There are many issues in the world to talk about and give more attention towards than talking about something that I said in a completely different context. I think the only reason I felt bad or I feel bad is people misunderstand (him) because he’s genuinely the opposite of all of that.”
A few days ago, Ranbir had addressed the matter and said that he is on the side of people who are fighting against toxic masculinity. He also went on to say that if people want to use him as the face of toxic masculinity, it’s fine ‘because their fight is bigger than just me feeling bad about them having an opinion about what I said.’


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