Anil Sharma requests Naseeruddin Shah to watch Gadar 2 once before calling it ‘disturbing’: He cannot say such things | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

Director Anil Sharma has expressed his shock over Naseeruddin Shah‘s statement calling the success of Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel starrer Gadar 2 ‘disturbing.’
Reacting to Naseeruddin’s remark, Anilclarified that Gadar 2 is not against any community and neither it is against any country. He said that Gadar in itself is a film which is full of patriotism and Gadar 2 is a sequel.
He told Aaj Tak that it is a proper masala film which people have been watching for years. He believes that the veteran actor will change his statement after watching the film once.
However, Anil still feels that Naseeruddin cannot say such things. He said that he has been a fan of his acting. “If he has said so, then I would request him to watch the film once,” he said.
The director further mentioned that he has always made cinema with the aim of masala and he has never had any political propaganda in this. “Naseer Saheb himself is aware of this,” he added.

In his recent interview with Free Press Journal, Naseeruddin said that the more jingoist you are, the more popular you become and this is what has been ruling this country. He said that what people are doing is very harmful.
He also mentioned that he hasn’t seen The

Kashmir Files, The Kerala Story and Gadar 2 but he knows what they are about. He also said that it is not enough to love your country but people have to beat drums about it and create imaginary enemies.


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