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Billie Eilish is one of the most popular names in the world of English music. Her journey to fame started at the very young age of 13 with the viral success of ‘Ocean Eyes.’ The track was created with her older brother, Finneas and it made her garner all the attention. Her unique blend of a soft voice and provocative lyrics, coupled with a distinctive fashion sense, quickly made her a household name in the music industry.
In a recent conversation with Variety, Eilishreflected on the perpetual battle of being a woman, especially as a young woman in the public eye.The unfair scrutiny she faced from an early age, marked by questions about her relationships, sexuality, and unconventional style, left her navigating adolescence under constant observation.
Despite achieving monumental success, Eilish admitted to living her life as if she were much older, forgetting that she still had the expanse of youth ahead. The external validation she received, highlighted by seven Grammys and an Oscar, prompted her to reevaluate and seek joy from within, detached from the external world and the internet.
Her early years were filled with scrutiny, from invasive questions to bizarre speculations. Eilish acknowledged the pride she takes in her early success but emphasized the shift toward finding fulfillment beyond external validation.

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Addressing the scrutiny she faced regarding her body and clothing choices, Eilish dismissed double standards and societal expectations. She has embraced her authenticity and challenged the unfair judgment placed on women’s bodies. Eilish reasoned that fingers are raised on a woman on minute things, whereas it really doesn’t matter for them if a man has a dad bod, or is extremely thin, or muscular.
The artist who is known for her baggy clothes revealed that she intentionally chooses to wear such an ensemble as she doesn’t want anyone to sexualize her even visually. From a very young age, she was in the public eye and became a hot topic for the tabloid on the rare occasions when she wore fitted clothes. She confesses about her body development that started when she was just nine years old. Thereafter, she found her style and comfort in oversized clothing.
Further, as she delveed into various projects outside her comfort zone, such as contributing to the ‘Barbie‘ original song and making her acting debut in ‘Swarm,’ Eilish expressed contentment in her current phase.

Eilish also opened up about her relationship with femininity. She expressed that she never felt like a woman. Though the artist has always been attracted to women physically, she finds them very beautiful, and has had deeper connections, but, she feels intimidated by them. Nevertheless, she acknowledged that her recent experiences, especially the release of the ‘Barbie’ song, have sparked a connection with womanhood. The song went viral on social media and became a medium for many to tell the tale of their experience with womanhood. The response that Eilish got from the song is all things overwhelming for her.


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