Elon Musk calls his relationship with ex-girlfriend Amber Heard ‘the worst of the lot’, his family thought she was ‘toxic’ and a ‘nightmare’ – Times of India

Elon Musk has talked about dating his ex-girlfriend Amber Heard in his new Walter Isaacson‘s new biography titled Elon Musk. In the book, the writer has described Elon’s relationship with Amber as a ‘dark vortex’ that was the most painful relationship the Teslafounder has ever been in. Speaking of his time with Amber, Elon said it was brutal, adding that the breakup led to the ‘most concentrated period of pain’ he had ever endured.
The CEO of X (formerly Twitter), car company Tesla and the private space agency Space X also mentioned that most of his relationships have involved a lot of ‘psychological turmoil’, but called his time with Amber ‘the worst of the lot’.
The biography also revealed that Elon Musk’s family despised Amber because they thought she was ‘toxic’ and a ‘nightmare.’ Elon’s brother Kimbal and most of the entrepreneur’s friends hated the actress ‘with a passion’ because she brought so much drama into his life during their year-long relationship.
According to Musk’s senior staff also did not have a good opinion of Heard, where they said that, ‘she was ‘like the Joker in Batman who thrives on destabilising everything.’

Earlier in the day, Elon a picture of Amber cosplaying as Mercy, a character from the popular multiplayer-shooter game Overwatch. When Elon dated Amber back in 2015, he told her that she reminded him of the Overwatch character and Amber did a cosplay of Mercy. She spent two months designing and commissioning a head-to-toe costume so she could role-play for him.

Responding to a tweet about the incident in the book, Elon confirmed, ‘She did dress up as Mercy. It was awesome,’ and also shared the picture of Amber dressed as Mercy on Twitter.


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