Friendship Day Special: Sneha Wagh Opens Up On Her Bond With Sister, Says ‘We Have Built A Friends-Like Relationship’

New Delhi: This friendships day, actress Sneha Wagh talks about her younger sister Kritika Wagh being her best friend! 

Both sisters share a deep bond and have always been there for each other through thick and thin. Kritika’s unwavering support makes their sisterhood even more special. 

This friendship day, we spoke exclusively to Neerja – Ek Nayi Pehchan actress Sneha Wagh on her special friendship with her younger sister Kritika. Sneha shares, “Our connection runs deep, rooted in a foundation of unwavering support and mutual understanding. Through the highs and lows of life, Kritika and I have stood side by side, navigating challenges and celebrating successes together. As sisters, we have built a friendship that is equal to any two friends who are not real siblings”. 

Sneha further added, “She is not only a sister but a friend who lends a patient ear, offers valuable advice, and provides solace during tough times. Our sisterhood is a source of comfort, where we find refuge in each other’s company knowing that we can truly be ourselves without any judgment.”

Sneha is often seen sharing sweet moments with Kritika on social media, showcasing their strong bond and the fun they have together. Whether it’s traveling to new places, trying out new activities, or simply enjoying each other’s company, their experiences are a testament to the deep connection , which is more like two friends, that they share with each other.


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