Friendship With A Side Of Romance: 5 Ways Dating Apps Are Helping People Make Friends

Dating apps have been long associated with finding a soulmate or a romantic partner, but breaking the stigma, more and more daters are using these platforms to find meaningful friendships. 

And the Indian dating app QuackQuack’s recent user data suggests that 31 percent of the new joiners from Tier 1 and 2 cities are looking to find friends who can become more than just friends with time. But, this time around, the “more” does not come in the form of sexual favours but rather emotional intimacy and romance, says India’s most popular dating app.

In the event of International Friendship Day, the platform conducted a survey to shed more light on the developing trend of “Friendship with a Chance of Romance” across the online dating world. 15,000 participants from both metros and smaller Indian cities joined the polls. 

Participants in the survey ranged in age from 18 to 32, with the majority being self-employed or working professionals and the rest being students.

QuackQuack’s Founder and CEO, Ravi Mittal, commented, “The growing trend of people seeking friendship first and then moving in a different direction with the same friend, if and when that is a possibility, reflects the changing dynamics of friendship and romance. We have 26 million users, and we saw 3.14M+ matches in the last year, and not all of them were love matches. A good chunk of those matches was for friendship, maybe with a chance of romance.”

Ways Dating Apps Are Helping People Find Friendships


With the evolving societal norms, daters are looking for more diverse relationships. 27 per cent of women between 18 to 22 say that dating apps make for a more controlled environment with safety measures in place, making it relatively safer to meet new people. It encourages people to explore and experiment with relationships more than they can in real life.

A thing of the past

Friends with benefits is a thing of the past, says 34 per cent of daters between 22 to 28. Benefits can come from anywhere, but what’s more important is having real human connection, and that’s what people are looking for in today’s day and age. 

Starting out as friends and building up to something more romantic is a smart move since daters get plenty of opportunities to gauge the person and figure out if there’s a spark before diving in headfirst.


39 per cent of men from tier 1 and 2 cities find this the best approach to falling in love. They say it moves easy-flowing and comes a lot more naturally. Plus, the pressure of going on dates and trying to impress a girl can really throw you off your game. But when people start with friendship, there’s more scope to be yourself and connect at a deeper level.

The safest option

36 per cent of women over 28 from metros and smaller cities think Friendship with a chance of romance is the safest option in the online dating world at this point in time. There is no prior commitment that things will take a romantic turn, but there’s always the possibility. 

It also keeps men from expecting too much but just enough to keep them hooked. And most importantly, people gain a friend out of the whole deal. Moreover, this leaves room to tailor relationships based on preferences and comfort levels, and most importantly, without being restricted by conventional dating norms.

Challenging the stigma

43 per cent of men and women between 20 and 25 expressed that as this trend gains traction, it challenges the stigma associated with dating apps. More people are on dating apps now than ever, knowing that it is not strictly for dating. 

Friendship is a big part of it. Friendship with a chance of romance takes the burden of falling in love off of people’s shoulders, encourages a more open-minded approach to meeting new people, and broadens the horizons of human connections.


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