Happy Friendship Day: 7 Benefits Of Using Dating Apps To Find New Friends – Expert Explains

In an increasingly digital age, the landscape of human connections has evolved, giving rise to a new phenomenon: using dating apps to forge meaningful friendships. While dating apps have traditionally been associated with romantic pursuits, their versatile platforms are now being utilized by individuals seeking platonic relationships. This shift can be attributed to several distinct advantages.

Dating apps provide a convenient and accessible avenue for people to connect with like-minded individuals who share similar interests and hobbies. The app’s algorithms can match users based on common activities, enhancing the likelihood of forming genuine friendships. Additionally, the option to specify preferences, such as age range and gender, enables users to fine-tune their search for compatible friends.

Furthermore, these apps foster an environment where individuals can confidently express themselves and engage in open conversations. Users often find it easier to initiate dialogue through text-based interactions, which can be particularly helpful for those who may feel apprehensive about approaching new people in person.

Ravi Mittal, Founder and CEO of QuackQuack shares how using dating apps has various advantages from meeting new people and finding new friends on Friendship Day, making it a practical and handy alternative for expanding your social circle.

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Benefits Of Using Dating Apps To Find New Friends 

Diverse Community: In real life, people can meet only a certain group of people from nearby locations. But dating apps attract a more diverse community from all over the country, from various backgrounds. This offers users an extensive selection of potential friends to connect with, especially with people who would otherwise never cross their paths.

Convenient: This generation of daters has a more hectic lifestyle, and dating apps make for a very convenient platform to seek new friends, most importantly, find them at their own pace and time. Users can match and chat with new people from any corner of the world, and at any time.

Efficient: Dating apps are more efficient in terms of finding new people who match the user’s likings and preferences in life. This Friendship Day, people can use these apps to browse through myriad profiles and find like-minded people at their fingertips, without even stepping out of their homes.

Dating Apps Are Safer: Most dating apps have airtight security and work 24/7 to keep their platforms clean and safe for users. It not only helps steer away scammers and spammers but also caters to maintaining a more respectful and inclusive community. Finding friends in a safer space makes people more confident and requires no modification to their personality to suit another’s.

It’s A Whole New Experience: People have been making friends in the real world since time immemorial but seeking genuine companions in the virtual space has recently gained traction. This friendship day, even those who have never tried a dating app can use it to find genuine bonds of friendship in the online world. It will be a whole new experience.

Ease Of Use: Dating apps are very easy to navigate and offer a convenient way to get the conversation going with potential friends. When compared to meeting someone in real life, the initial hesitation and awkwardness are lowered in dating apps, making it simpler to break the ice and begin forming friendships.

Best For Introverts: For introverts who find it challenging to make friends in real life, dating apps make for a cozy environment to slowly build connections, chat at their own pace and meet up only when they feel comfortable.


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