‘Jawan’ director Atlee REVEALS Thalapathy Vijay’s REACTION to him working with Shah Rukh Khan | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

Atlee‘s Hindi debut ‘Jawan‘ with Shah Rukh Khan has become one of the biggest blockbusters in Bollywood. The film starred Shah Rukh Khan in the lead role.
The director, who has majorly worked with Thalapathy Vijay in the South, recently revealed the actor’s reaction to him working with the King of Bollywood. In an interview with Hindustan Times, Atlee said that it was a lifetime opportunity for any director when SRKasked him to make a film with him.The filmmaker further added that after being approached by the Bollywood superstar, he excitedly told the same to Vijay. According to him, Vijay, at first, couldn’t believe it. Later he told Atlee to give his life to it.

Elaborating further, he added, when he was making Jawan, he had a similar comfort. He felt as if he was making the same film. The director also added that he learnt a lot from SRK, by being patient, getting everything right, and taking the film to the next level. According to him, Shah Rukh has taught him to raise the bar. He added that his next film will have even better energy and he will make something bigger than ‘Jawan’.

In the same interview, Atlee also spoke about how he struck a balance between fan service and storytelling in ‘Jawan’. According to him, he stuck to his basics. He felt that whoever the actor, music director, director is, at the end of the day, the film has to be responsible with a takeaway.
He added that all your favourite films may have your favourite director, actor, technician, but they’ll always have a core thought that will connect with you. Without that, no film will connect with you, even if it has your favourite actor or director. According to him, he had a core thought, around which he built the mass moments and the tribute to SRK.
‘Jawan’ also starred Nayanthara and Vijay Sethupathi in lead roles. The film has been doing record-breaking business at the box office.
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