Jay Bhanushali Gets Emotional Talking About Daughter Tara, Says ‘I Can Give Up My Life For Her’

New Delhi: This weekend, brace yourselves for a romantic extravaganza as Sony Entertainment Television presents a captivating episode of India’s Best Dancer 3 themed ‘Romance Special’. The talented contestants along with their choreographers will weave a magical tapestry of love through their mesmerizing performances. The charming Marzi Pestonji joins in as the guest judge while vivacious singer, Shilpa Rao will be coming to promote the trending song “Kaavaalaa.”

One of the highlights of the episode will be the heartwarming performance by contestant Shivanshu Soni and choreographer Vivek Chachere, who will beautifully convey the feeling of longing love through the iconic song “Udja Kale Kawan”, leaving everybody in awe! 

Shivanshu’s performance made everyone’s heart flutter, reminding one and all about their first romance. So much so that the ever-charming Jay Bhanushali will reveal his love story with his beloved wife, Mahhi Vij, saying, “I met Mahhi when I went clubbing. And 3 months was enough for me to know that Mahhi is the girl I want to marry. She was my first girlfriend. I had a principle that I’d get into a relationship when I genuinely feel she is the girl I want to marry and spend the rest of my life with. Within three months, I decided that I would get into a relationship. On 31st December 2009, I proposed to her, and in 2010, we got married. I invited everyone, but no one arrived as everyone thought I was a Casanova. But, when the right person is in front of you, you keep everything else aside. Mahhi has changed my life; after Tara, she is the reason for me to live.”.

An emotional Jay further added, saying, “In films, we often see heroes giving up their lives for their loved ones, and I never felt that way until I met Tara. She’s the one for whom I can give up my life. I have never showed this side of mine in front of Mahhi, and I never wanted to.”  In awe of Jay’s beautiful expression of love and commitment, Sonali Bendre will give Jay a big hug. 

Tune into India’s Best Dancer 3 this weekend at 8 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television!


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