John Abraham’s viral video sparks speculation; Fans wonder about the cause behind the actor’s wrinkled face – Times of India

Fans of John Abraham are worried after seeing a new video of the actor. The Pathaanactor, who typically avoids social media and the paparazzi eye, made a unique appearance on the internet. Recently, he was spotted wishing a die-hard admirer a happy birthday. “Hey Yash, I wish you a very, very happy birthday. Lots of love; take care; have a great day and a great year ahead,” he opened up in the video message.This sweet gesture made his fans wonder if John was okay.
Screenshots of the video were posted on Reddit, where a worried fan asked, “Is John okay?” Many took to the thread to point out that it is a natural process of aging. John, who is now 50 years old, looked to have many wrinkles on his face while sporting a short hairstyle.
“He is fine. His face seems to have a lot of wrinkles, maybe side effects of a heavy workout or medications (if he takes any). Also, he doesn’t seem to be into makeup. So his face is very close to a natural one for a man his age (again, wrinkles aside),” a Reddit user said. “We are in a time where a famous person aging naturally looks strange. This is what the late 40s look like without Botox and facial surgeries. Energy levels also go down, so people look and feel more tired than in their youth. He honestly looks good for his age; it’s clear he is still keeping his body in shape,” added another.
However, a few fans are still worried for him. “He looks like he hasn’t been sleeping for the past few days. I hope he’s ok,” a comment read. “He does look very tired. I hope he’s okay,” added another.
This year, John released a solo album. In ‘Pathaan’, he appeared as the baddie alongside Shah Rukh Khan. A spin-off of the actor’s character was also desired by fans, who applauded his performance. The movie went on to make over Rs 1000 crore in revenue globally. John has many publications planned for the upcoming year. ‘Tehran’, ‘Force 3’, and ‘Vedaa’ are a few of these.

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