KWK 8: Alia Bhatt emphatically states that Deepika Padukone is her ‘senior’ and there is ‘no competition’ – Times of India

Alia Bhatt, appearing on the latest episode of Koffee With Karan 8 alongside Kareena Kapoor, made it clear that she doesn’t view Deepika Padukone as her competition. During the rapid-fire round, when Karan asked Kareena about considering Deepika as competition, Kareena redirected the question to Alia, stating it was more fitting for her. Alia promptly responded, dismissing any notion of competition with Deepika and acknowledging her as a senior in the industry.

Alia Bhatt emphatically stated, “No, why would she be? She is my senior.

There is no competition,” when asked about Deepika Padukone being her competition during the rapid-fire round on Koffee With Karan 8. Refusing to claim the title of the best actress in the country, Alia, despite Kareena’s encouragement, expressed, “Most definitely not.” When prompted by Karan to name the current best actress in the country, Alia modestly replied, “There are many, I am definitely not it.”

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When Karan posed the question to Kareena, asking her to name the best actress in the country at that moment, she promptly responded with “I would say Alia.” However, Alia, while appreciating the compliment, humbly rejected the notion. She expressed, “It’s a huge compliment, but I genuinely don’t believe it. Let’s be honest, I genuinely strive to be the best, and if I was the best, then what the hell am I striving for? So I am not the best yet.”

In Alia’s rapid-fire segment, she was posed a question related to Deepika. When asked about the one thing she wishes to take from Deepika, Alia responded, “Her screen presence.” Elaborating on her answer, she expressed, “When she comes on screen, you can’t help but look at her. So I would love to have that.”


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