Sanya Malhotra recalls gate-crashing Shah Rukh Khan’s event once, reveals the name of the group ‘Jawan’ girls have | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

Sanya Malhotra is enjoying her moment in the sun, thanks to her latest release Jawan, in she played the role of Dr Eeram — seemingly inspired by the life of Dr Kafeel Khan. She later goes on to become a part of Shah Rukh Khan’s vigilante group, along with actors Priyamani, Girija Oak and newcomers Sanjeeta Bhattacharya, Lehar Khan and Aaliyah Qureishi.
The actress, in an interview with Indian Express, revealed that before her debut in Dangal, she had once gatecrashed a Shah Rukh Khan event.She revealed that one of her roommates used to work at a magazine, and she informed them that SRK is going to be present at an event at a hotel in the city. So everyone got ready, hopped into an auto to see him and basically gatecrashed the event. She added that she sat in the audience and her friend asked Shah Rukh Khan a question and he said ‘Good Question’ and all of them got extremely excited. She also revealed that back then, when he was leaving the room, everyone noticed how good he smelled.
Sanya also revealed that all her former roommates got extremely excited when they got to know she’s going to work with Shah Rukh Khan in Jawan.
Sanya also revealed that all the girls from Jawan have a whatsapp group that they have named after a line from the film which has now gotten popular – ‘Good to Go Chief!’. She added that the group is buzzing 24×7 and Sanjeeta, Lehar, Aaliyah, Priyamani, Girija, Ashlesha Thakur and she are always in touch. They are constantly telling each other what they are posting.
She also mentioned that she did a Q&A session, and was constantly being asked about Sanjeeta and Aaliyah, and was requested to pass on their numbers. She also feels very happy, because it is their first film and their emotions are intertwined.


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