Shatrughan Sinha’s son Luv Sinha opens up about his father’s love-hate relationship with Amitabh Bachchan: It wasn’t for any personal issues | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

Once upon a time, there was a friction between Shatrughan Singh and Amitabh Bachchan. It was being said that their rivalry had come to the fore on the sets of their 1979 film Kaala Patthar. Later, Shatrughan had clarified that they were good friends and there was a tough competition between them but not rivalry. In a new interview, Shatrughan’s son Luv Sinha, who is currently gearing up for the release of Gadar 2 starring Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel, opened up about the nature of his father’s tiff with Amitabh.

In his biography Anything But Khamosh, Shatrughan had revealed that Amitabh had a problem with the applause he was getting for his performances. In 2007, Shatrughan had also expressed his displeasure when Amitabh didn’t invite him for his son Abhishek Bachchan’s wedding to Aishwarya Rai.
When Luv was asked Shatrughan and Amitabh’s love-hate relationship, he told Siddharth Kannan that he was quite young then so he doesn’t know much about what happened between them. However, he added that his father deeply respects Amitabh and his family.

As for the rivalry, Luv said that when there are two outstanding actors like Shatrughan and Amitabh, competition tends to happen, adding that it wasn’t for any personal issues. He further said that there were also times when others try to manipulate them against each other, which eventually develops misunderstandings.
Luv also talked about his father’s difficult time when he had left his home in Patna to build a career in films. There was a fear and apprehensions about whether he would make it as an actor. His family had lots of hopes and Shatrughan didn’t want to ever return as a failure.
Sharing stories of Shatrughan’s struggle before he made it big, Luv got emotional when he recalled that there were times when his father would choose either to travel by bus for his meetings or save the money for food. “Sometimes he would eat and walk miles and sometimes, to save time, he would let go of food,” he added.
Luv mentioned that he has also seen the rise and fall of his father very closely. He revealed that when Shatrughan was at his peak, their small house would be full of people. And when his films were not working, no one would be around.


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