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Travis Kelce, known for his prowess as a Pro Bowl tight end and his Super Bowl triumphs with the Kansas City Chiefs, has added a new note to his playbook — he’s now a recording artist. But this isn’t your typical solo venture; it’s a family affair.
Teaming up with his equally talented brother, Jason Kelce, the Pro Bowl center for the Philadelphia Eagles, the brothers recently released a holiday duet titled “Fairytale of Philadelphia.” This musical collaboration is part of the upcoming album “A Philly Special Christmas Special,” a charitable project by the Philly Specials, a trio comprising Jason Kelce and his Eagles teammates Jordan Mailata and Lane Johnson.

The Philly Specials, Feat Jason Kelce & Travis Kelce – Fairytale Of Philadelphia

In a recent episode of their podcast, “New Heights,” Travis Kelce humorously anticipated the ribbing he might receive for his singing skills. However, a sneak peek into the song reveals that the Kelce brothers actually deliver a harmonious performance, giving a unique twist to the 1987 holiday classic “Fairytale of New York” by the Pogues featuring Kirsty MacColl.
The song offers a glimpse into the dynamic of the Kelce brothers’ relationship, transforming the original narrative of imperfect lovers into a tale of familial bonds. Clever tweaks, such as changing “Queen of New York City” to “King of South Philly” and altering romantic scenes to brotherly conflicts, give the classic song a fresh twist.
Notably, even the Kelce matriarch, Donna Kelce, gets a nod in the lyrics, with a playful alteration mentioning her influence on their dreams. Jason Kelce humorously replaces the line “You took my dreams from me when I first found you” with “You took my dreams from me when Mom first had you.”
Surprisingly, Travis Kelce, who predicted being “butchered” for his singing, holds his own, showcasing a gruff baritone that meshes well with the song’s vibe. The brothers’ harmonies add a layer of authenticity to the track, proving that their talents extend beyond the football field.
In a twist of real-life drama, the Kelce brothers’ musical collaboration coincides with a high-profile romance. Travis Kelce, who has been dating pop sensation Taylor Swift, is set to face off against Jason Kelce’s team, the Philadelphia Eagles, on November 20. Swift, known for her elaborate gestures, plans to attend the game with her parents, marking the first time she’ll be cheering for Travis alongside her family.
This familial connection seems reciprocal, as Travis Kelce has already joined Swift’s father, Scott Swift, in the VIP tent during one of her concerts. During a recent performance in Buenos Aires, Swift even modified the lyrics of her song “Karma,” playfully integrating the word “Chiefs” as a nod to her boyfriend’s team.
As Travis Kelce continues to make waves in both the football and music realms, his collaboration with his brother and the unique twists in their rendition of a holiday classic showcase a side of the athlete that extends beyond the sports arena. With touchdowns on the field and tunes on the charts, Travis Kelce is proving that he’s a multi-talented player in the game of life.

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