Vidya Balan says working women often hand over their earnings to their husbands because they don’t want the man to feel threatened | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

Vidya Balan recently opened up about how many working women who have flourishing careers often hand over their earnings to their husbands because they feel money has to be controlled by a man.
She told lifestyle coach Luke Coutinhothat growing up women are told that they must look good physically in order to get the best groom. She said that women who are earning well often say, ‘I hand over the cheque to my husband’.”Why does money have to be controlled by the man? Because money is power, and you don’t want the man tofeel threatened in any way,” Vidya added.
The actress further stated that she has friends who are like, ‘We have joint accounts, I don’t know anything about money’. She wondered why women are not taking financial calls when they’re doing so well and earning so well. “You don’t want to take that responsibility because you’ve been taught that the man controls everything and that’s how it should be,” she said.Similarly, Vidya said that it is safe for women not to age and to have procedures done to their bodies and faces because if they age, the man will go looking somewhere else. She feels fortunate to be married to Siddharth Roy Kapur who thinks the best of her every day and praised him for being a secure person.
She further stated that building confidence is a gradual process and her journey of self-acceptance began only after she started acting in her early 30s. She still has good and bad days but she is in a far better place now than ever.
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