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One Piece’, which has captured the hearts of viewers since its OTT debut, is gearing up for another thrilling installment. From the blazing Fire Fist Ace to the enigmatic King Wapol, the forthcoming Season 2 of the live-action adaptation of ‘One Piece’ is shaping up to be an exciting journey for fans. Here are the characters set to grace the screen:
King Wapol
The introduction of Drum Island hints at the appearance of King Wapol.His role evolves significantly in later arcs, setting the stage for the crew’s challenges in the broader world.
Captain Smoker
Also known as the White Hunter, the character of Captain Smoker, teased the fans in the post-credits scene of season 1. With a relentless pursuit of Luffy, this high-ranking Marine Captain is sure to create tension and excitement as the Straw Hat crew embarks on their Grand Line adventure.
Dr. Kureha
Reports suggest that Chopper’s mentor, Dr. Kureha, may be portrayed by the talented Jamie Lee Curtis. He will be guiding Chopper on his medical journey and becoming an integral part of the Straw Hat crew.
Miss All Sunday and Crocodile
Delving into the Alabasta arc may introduce Miss All Sunday, an enigmatic figure within Baroque Works, and the menacing Crocodile, a Warlord of the Sea. Their involvement guarantees exhilarating showdowns and plot twists.
Nefertari Vivi
The Drum Island arc could also bring forth the intriguing character of Nefertari Vivi, whose journey with the Straw Hats adds layers of intrigue and adventure. It is going to be one of the must-watch characters from the series.
Portgas D. Ace
Beloved and fiery, Ace’s connection to Luffy and his role in the Alabasta arc promise intense and emotional moments. There are still speculations about who will be donning the hat for this character.
Tony Tony Chopper
The adorable reindeer and crew doctor, Chopper, will finally make his debut in season 2. The creator of the series confirmed the same. Further, his transformation abilities and human-like communication will undoubtedly delight fans.
As the anticipation for ‘One Piece Season 2’ continues to mount, fans eagerly await how these iconic characters will be brought to life in this ambitious live-action adaptation.


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